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Hey there beautiful soul! Welcome to NutriGlo–the company to help you GET TO THOSE GOALS and gain more energy through healthy eating. My goal is to help you feel energized, alive healthy and happy. Whether you are just beginning on your personal health and healing journey or well into an established routine, I am here to support you 100%. No bullshit. No gimmicks. Just 100% real. As a health coach and pharmacist, I know how it feels to begin a new routine. It feels like you are riding a bike without being able to use your hands. Okay, so some of you can do that already. :) It can feel uncomfortable, can cause anxiety, fear, confusion and plain dread. I have to tell you something that will comfort you…Those feelings are normal!

This is why I want to help support you through your journey…

Why trust me? Because I have been there. I have been frustrated with weight gain secondary to sugar addiction and binge eating and not knowing the answers or who to get support from. I have seen my patients and clients frustrated with the same issues. Many of them have also taken prescription pills and did not find relief. After 7 years of suffering from a rare eating disorder, I began my healing process. I knew in my heart that I was meant to help others heal and lead a healthy life. Life is absolutely precious. It can be gone in a flash. The words “cancer” “diabetes” or “stroke” can change a persons life forever…Your health is all you have at the end of the day. Your mind, body and spirit houses your temple and needs to be nourished and respected to thrive!

Believe me, I know how it feels to wake up lethargic and tired, unfulfilled and unhappy. I know what it is like to FILL your life with things (cigarettes, people, food, alcohol) in hopes that it will make you feel a FEELING (loved, comfort, safe, desired, worthy.) Yet at the end of the day, I felt empty. We are not meant to suffer….

What if I told you that the way you are feeling right now may only be a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10? What if I told you you could feel AT A 10 in your health, finances, career and romantic relationships? No bullshit.

I can help get you there! My purpose is to help you to feel ALIVE and THRIVE, gaining more energy and joy for life. I work with clients ranging from people who need help managing their diabetes or other health conditions, to people who want to feel more energetic and lose weight. If you think of healing as a journey, I will take you on a road trip. I provide the roadmap and you are the drivers seat. In other words, you know how to heal yourself, I merely provide the tools and support to help get you there. We make it fun and enjoy the ride together!

My belief is that:
-eating natural, whole foods mindfully while still allowing for occasional indulgence (Who doesn’t love a brownie or a cocktail?)
-cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships
-uncovering your natural gifts to embrace creativity/self-expression
-reducing stress and identifying triggers to minimize overwhelm
-balancing and maintaining your own natural energy
is the real prescription for healing and happiness…

Isn’t it time you gain more energy, get clear on what YOU want in life and gain control of your health? Can your health suffer for ONE more day, can your soul wait another day to start LIVING the life you want? My mind made up a thousand excuses and “delay tactics” to prevent me from healing and GOING for what my soul really craved. What I craved could not be found in a refrigerator or in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey (however good it tasted!) What I craved was connection to people and contributing to those who truly WANT the support and guidance to live a life bigger than they could have ever dreamed….

I hope you will come along the amazing, thrilling journey with me. It is my greatest intention to share with you the effective tools to help you:
-live a meaningful, authentic life where you feel empowered to live your dream life
-nourish your body and SAVORING occasional treats vs using food for comfort or to numb your feelings
-moving past beliefs that limit you from what you really want
-move past patterns that do not serve you any longer AND
-develop a plan that works with your lifestyle

I can be reached by office phone at 631-336-9132 between the hours of 9-5PM Monday-Friday and 11AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday. Call or email me today at ctarantola@nutrigloconsulting.com. Let’s make this nutrition thing fun! I look forward to connecting with you.

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More about me & my background: My name is Dr. Christina Tarantola. I am an energetic and passionate pharmacist and health coach! I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) (Learn More about Integrative Nutrition here!) which opened my eyes to how nutrition and food can heal and prevent disease. After healing my own disordered eating patterns after 7 years and learning to listen to my body, I became extremely passionate about helping others along their healing journey. I recently published my first paperback book, Revealing Your Inner Radiance: Healing Through The Heart. It is available now on Kindle as well as in paperback form!

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I also make daily YouTube videos about health and healing. Check out my page by clicking HERE

My mission is to create content to increase awareness about health and healing for as many people as possible. Much of the content I create is available for free for you to share with family and friends. However if you feel called to donate to my page, please click on the Donate link below. I sincerely appreciate your generosity!

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