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Hey there beautiful soul! Welcome to NutriGlo–the company to help you GET TO THOSE GOALS and gain more energy through healthy eating, mindfulness and energy healing. My goal is to help you feel energized, alive, healthy and happy. Whether you are just beginning on your personal health and healing journey or well into an established routine, I am here to support you 100%. No bullshit. No gimmicks. Just 100% real. As a health coach and pharmacist, I know how it feels to begin a new routine. It feels like you are riding a bike without being able to use your hands. Okay, so some of you can do that already. :) It can feel uncomfortable, can cause anxiety, fear, confusion and plain dread. I have to tell you something that will comfort you…Those feelings are normal!

My work is primarily about helping you to Raise Your Vibration. What does this mean exactly? And why would you want to Raise Your Vibration? Everything in this world is made of up of energy (protons, neutrons etc). Have you ever had an EKG or an EEG? Then you know that energy pulses through us and can be projected onto a computer screen to tell us important information about the body. Also, if you touch someone, you can FEEL their energy, their warmth.

Let me tell you how this little diagram changed my life and why reading this is WORTH YOUR TIME…Read this especially if:
-You have tried fad diets, supplements, Weight Watchers, Jenni Craig etc and still have not lost the weight
-You feel stuck in a cycle of dating the SAME person with a different face but winding up heart-broken, alone and miserable
-You want something new in your life but can’t quite pinpoint what it is…
-You hate or do not LOVE your current job and are searching for meaning, fulfillment and joy
-You suffer from a chronic health condition (diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, pain, high cholesterol) and are sick of taking medications


What I came to realize in my studies is that ENERGY is EVERYTHING…Your thoughts/emotions and beliefs actually RUN your life! Carrying low vibrational thoughts around (fear, anxiety, worry, shame, guilt) will attract those situations, people and events into your life. Have you ever noticed that the grateful, happy people naturally attract OTHER positive people, more money and more fulfilled relationships? It is no coincidence that those who complain, come from a place of “not enough” and lack often lead a life of despair. In fact, I was one of those people at one time. Until I took ownership of my life and felt “empowered”, I was in a rut. (In my book I go into detail about this and how I went from being broke, lonely and anxious/depressed with an eating disorder to starting my own business, publishing a book, being abundant, healed and in loving relationships). Click the Link HERE to READ MORE and Purchase the Book:

I found that Raising Your Vibration can do several things:
• You will begin to attract positive people in your life as the frequency of negative people will not match yours anymore
• You may have a strong desire to help a cause or the world in some deep and meaningful way
• You will feel a lightness in your body and even a spontaneous sense of joy
• You will realize that people are reacting to you they are really projecting their fears
• You notice an enormous amount of compassion that manifests as an expansion in your heart for all creatures, beings and the world in general
• You nourish your body with healthy foods because it makes you feel energized, alive and refreshed
• Material things do not draw your attention anymore and you focus on cultivating your dreams and ideas

You will also….
-Attract love into your life as you begin opening your heart and clearing away blocks to love
-Attracting more money and abundance as you release fears of having money, having to work too hard for it etc…
-Losing weight as you are more inclined to select healthful foods and eat mindfully

The possibilities are infinite!

You can RYV several ways–click HERE to read my PDF on 10 ways to Raise Your Vibration!

The problem is, most of us do not know what is BLOCKING us from higher vibrations. Think of it as driving a car but not seeing the blindspot. If you don’t know what your blocks are you may get into an accident…
I would love to help guide you on HOW to Raise Your Energetic Frequency as well as release some limiting beliefs that hold all of us back. My goal is to see my clients create a breakthrough in the areas where they feel “Stuck” and pass on these messages and insights to others in their community. This is how we create massive change in the world…

So why not start today by letting me guide you to Raise Your Vibration? You deserve an abundant, joyful, kick ass life. Let me help you get there…Call me at 631-336-9132 or email at ctarantola@nutrigloconsulting.com!

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